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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

To kick off this blog I figured we should get to know each other! 10 thing you probably don’t know about me. Here goes…

#1 Food is always my first priority.

Food is always on my mind. As I am finishing my last meal I am already thinking about what I am eating next. My family makes plans around meal times especially when we travel. When my food is either delivered to the table or my house, or handed through the drive through window I get so excited. It is really something special to witness. I am always a happy camper when food is involved.

#2 I was born with bright red hair.

Yep. You read that right. Bright. Red. Hair. After meeting me that kind of makes sense though. It was a surprise to all when I came out looking like that. However, around the age of 5 I became a blonde through and through. Naturally of course. My mother did not die a 5 year old’s hair.

#3 I have a sick addiction to chipotle.

I am about to change your life…get the chipotle app, order ahead of time, walk in and have it ready to go and you get to skip the line. Yes, this is real life. Yes, this is how my addiction started. You’re welcome.

#4 I had braces for 5.5 years

You guys, my dad called me jaws. Not kidding. At first every kid is all about it and in first grade I thought I was the bees knees. After years of it, I was over it. Got them off in 8th grade. Then I decided I needed my wisdom teeth and my teeth shifted and sure enough…got those babies right back on. It was a journey, but I would like to thank my three orthodontists for being part of this journey and for giving me some straight teeth.

#5 I can sleep any where and at any time…easily.

Jealous? Well, it is a blessing and a curse. I have, a handful of times, passed out in a movie theater. Let me tell you, some dates won’t appreciate that…some find it cute. Find you one that appreciates your sleeping talents.I can also sleep on any surface, at any time.

#6 I take myself on dates.

I eat at Chinese restaurants alone like it is my job. Fun fact, one place has a table with a single chair that they have just for me because I would come in all the time alone. They knew my order and stopped taking it and would just bring my food. I also attend movies solo dolo. It is a good time, let me tell you. 10/10 recommend taking yourself on a date.

#8 I am 85% red bull and Dr. Pepper

Much to my mother’s disapproval, red bull “gives me wings.” Mom if you are reading this, I drink the sugar free kind I promise. The same with Dr. Pepper. Every meal. I will lie and say I am going to cut back. That is fake news. Very false. Will not happen. Does not matter what time of day, you will see me with one in hand or I am on my way to get one.

#8 I am a dancer but can not touch my toes.

Talk about ironic. Never have had the privilege of touching my toes, never will. I have stretched and danced for 18 years. Still not a thing for me. I gave up hope about a year ago.

#9 I am all about reading when it is not required by a school assignment.

Nerd Alert!!! I love to read for fun. Check out the books” The Art of Racing in the Rain”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and any Nicholas Sparks book. If you have any suggestions LMK!!! If you need a book suggestion, you know where to find me. Funny story, I am in a fiction literature class and we have to read 7 novels. I have not read a single one. NOT. ONE. Got an A in the class though (@mom if you are reading this.)

#10 I have danced for 18 years.

If you follow my social media this is not new news to you. However, I have been dancing since I was 2 and have been competing since I was 3. Still dance to this day and plan on dancing until I can’t dance anymore.

Well there you go! Now we know each other a little bit better. Thanks for checking this out!


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