Hey babe, Bootay Bag is here!

Hey Hey! Have Y’all seen these posts all over like I have? I was so confused, until I started to look into it! You need to check out the website http://www.bootaybag.com. You pick your favorite style for $12.00 a month and they will send them to your house for free! How awesome! It is always something new and so cute. Whatever style you like, they will always deliver with cute panties for you to feel comfy and hot at the same time! The bag is so cute and makes you love this brand even more. I’ve received two pairs both lace and both so comfortable. I have fallen in love with this concept and this company and encourage y’all to check it out. Saves you from having to make a trip to the mall. So HEY BABE! Check out bootay bag. You won’t be disappointed.


Follow their instagram: @bootaybag_

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.09.38 PM.pngIMG_5603.PNG



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