10 Date Ideas


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Okay fellas… this one is for you! Here are a few date ideas for you and your lady.First piece of advice if you don’t already have a pinterest, you need to make one. 9 times out of 10 (I made that statistic up) your S.O. has pinned some hints that you could run with for the perfect date. If you’re not feeling that then here are some ideas…

Star Gazing-

  • This one is inspired by my roommate (shout out to Anna if you’re reading this)…If you drive a truck, have a friend with a truck, or can get your hands on a car with a big trunk, you’re on the right track. Fill the back with pillows and blankets to make it comfy. Grab some snacks and drinks (if you’re of age) and either netflix or some music. Grab your girl and take her out to where the sky is clear and throw that baby in park. Cuddle up in the back and enjoy some time under the stars together. Simple, but let me tell you, your girl will LOVE it.


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Go to a local concert

  • Take her to see local talent play. Whether it is at a park or a bar, go check them out. It  most likely won’t be too busy because they are local names, but you never know they could make it big. Enjoy the music, dance with her a little (even if you suck, it is still cute when you try), and make memories.


Food Bucket List

  •  Make a list of places you want to eat with your S.O. Categorize them by type and price. This will be a fun way to decide where you eat. No more battling over who has to choose where to go! This makes it fun and spontaneous.



Cook together

  • The always classic cooking together is a loved one by most. Look up recipes and  find something you both enjoy. Go shopping together to get all of the ingredients, then crack open some wine, or a nice cold diet coke if you’re under age or just don’t like wine, and get to cooking. Chat while you do it. Ask questions. Play some music, dance in the kitchen, make a mess. Whatever you do just have fun and then in the end you’ll have some great food (hopefully).

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Attend a local sporting event.

  • I love me some good ol’ baseball games, but find a sport you and your lady friend both enjoy and get some tickets. Fill up on some hot dogs and cotton candy. Cheer on your favorite team and spend the day having fun with your girl.


Disposable Camera date

  • Grab a disposable camera, make a list of all the fun places in your area, hop in the car and get to it. Stop by local coffee shops, ice cream places, and thrift shops. Get some food, dress up in goofy hats, or just pose by a pretty painting. Fill your camera full of goofy pictures. Once the evening is done take them to a place to get them developed. Spend the evening hanging out while you wait for the pictures. Pick up the pictures and enjoy the captured moments together.


Go to the zoo!

  • I know what you’re thinking… the zoo? What are we 10? Well, let me tell you, the 10 year olds know what they are doing. Lather up some sun screen, put on your walking shoes, and head on over to the closest zoo. Go ride a camel, feed the fish, and laugh at the monkeys. This is one of my favorite things to do! I love the animals and sharing the day with someone I enjoy.


Farmer’s Market

  • I have not done this one enough. Head to a farmer’s market or something similar. Walk around and discover new things, make fun purchases, and learn about what the other likes and dislikes.

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Paint together

  • You can either do one of those new, fun, wine painting classes and go through the steps with an instructor, or you can make the DIY version. Look up a fun picture, set a category, or paint each other, crack open some wine, listen to some good music and paint away. Whether you’re an artist or not, it will be fun to laugh at each other and to see how they turn out. You can make a secret until the end or you can watch each other make progress.


Water adventures

  • Pack up a swim suit, some sandwiches, a blanket, and some good music and head out to the nearest river, lake, or ocean. If you’re into fishing, teach your girl something about it. Hop in the water and float around. Get in a boat and ski or just enjoy the sun and each other. Toss a football or frisbee around and do not forget to…eat. Not a lot of people will be upset to be in the sun with some water near by. This is low stress, and a lot of fun. You can make it exciting or you can make it relaxing.



These are just 10 ideas, that I have done or heard of that sound like a good time! Get to know your boo thang and find something that both of you will enjoy. Also, have her plan you some dates. She will enjoy planning them too and that way not ALL the pressure is on you. Check out Pinterest…there are tons of ideas for all times and budgets! Netflix nights are fun and all, but mix it up a little. Go out and do something different to keep things interesting.


I will get my posts on a schedule once my personal schedule is consistent. Leaving school, moving, and starting my internship is making life a little crazy. Have no fear, my loyal readers, I will keep the posts coming. Let me know if you have any post ideas! Thanks for reading!


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