10 Things I Learned from Living in a Sorority House

Living in a house with 70 other women sounds like it could be a nightmare… but yet we all do our time at least a year in the house of females and you sure do learn a lot. Ten things I have learned from my time in my house are…

Group Me is either your best friend or your worst nightmare

  • The live in message is the best because any time you need a ride home, to class or to work, you have access to 70 girls and your chances of at least one feeling generous is pretty high. Also, if you need anything from a safety pin to a camo shirt for a date party, your 70 sisters will be there to supply. On the other hand, this is an open line of communication for someone to complain always about someone being too loud, too messy, or has messed with the laundry. Either way you will always have a phone that is blown up with that lovely group me app.


 giphy (1).gif


RIP to your cute clothes….Gone but Never Forgotten

  • Word to the wise, establish a check out system now. This way you know who has it or who is to blame when it is washed wrong. It is a pain to have your clothes missing and seeing them in the insta pic the girl down the hall just posted…but on the bright side, you have access to 70 closets too…so make the most out of this!

giphy (2).gif


You’d be surprised at the combinations of food you can come up with at 2 am

  • IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Mark your food!!! But even then, your leftovers are never safe! You would be surprised at how well leftover chicken tenders from lunch, chicken Alfredo from dinner, and queso actually is pretty good when you’re starving and with your friends in the kitchen. Pizza Shuttle is always a great option too, but ya know sometimes you are ballin on a budget and the free stuff in the fridge is just as good!


giphy (3).gif


The amount of peer pressure it takes to get you to go out is way less

  • It is a Thursday night and you have a 9 am class (this may seem late to those that are not in college…but trust me this is early!) and you are being a good student and trying to study, then 4 of your girls come busting into your room in jean skirts and body suits ready to go out with the determination to get you out of your extra large t-shirt and Nike shorts and into something cute. In the dorms, you had some hope of standing your ground and staying in, but with your girlfriends calling you lame and begging for you to come, you are doomed. Better set that alarm for class now and hope you  make it on time cause you will attend every Thursday outing.


giphy (4).gif


If one girl in the sleeping dorm is up at 6 am…everyone is up at 6 am.

  • There is always one or two girls in your sleeping dorm that have those early smart people classes or is active (God love em cause I don’t participate in either) and have that awesome 6 am wake up call. Well, we are all human and snoozing is in our DNA, we can’t help it, even those that are morning people (do those even exist??). You either need to learn to sleep through the repetition of Beyoncé formation over and over or your wake up call has been changed from 9 am to 6 am!! Good Luck! Hope you enjoy caffeine!!!!!!!

giphy (5).gif


Boys are like a foreign species…

  • Unlike fraternity houses, the opposite sex is not allowed anywhere but the main floor and only during certain times. Therefore, the sighting of the male species is rare. If a boy is in the lobby waiting to pick you up, you bet at least 6 girls have come in just to check him out for you. Your lab partner is male and he has come over to help finish a project. This is strictly a friend relationship, but that does not stop your sisters from walking through the kitchen just to take a peek or asking you later if that is your boyfriend and if you love him. They can’t help it because besides the beloved house boys, seeing a male step foot on sorority ground is just strange.

giphy (6).gif


The bachelor is a weekly Monday family gathering.

  • Do not even dream of watching anything else on the tv on Monday nights. Also, claim your spot on the comfy couch now because those babies will go quickly. This will be one time, besides chapter, that everyone, plus your house mom, will cuddle up for an hour watching crazy ladies fight over a smokin hot man.

giphy (7).gif


House mom… best friend or worst nightmare??

  • The chef, cleaning lady, and your house mom are three people you need to become best friends with! Especially your house mom!!! She can be your favorite person or your not so favorite person, depending on if she likes you or not. She will be the first to help accommodate anything or stretch the rules to help you out if she likes you, or she can be down your back about every house rule you break on the daily. Choose what side you get on wisely…

giphy (8).gif


You are now 65 years old and eat at 4:30 pm

  • Yeah, welcome to the retirement home! And yet…this is still too late. It is 3:30 pm and I find myself wondering why dinner is not ready yet?? Maybe this is why I end up eating a dinner number 2 at 9 pm. You will learn to love this meal time. Also, you will live for Taco Tuesday and Fiesta Friday. I look forward to these days all week…

giphy (9).gif


Living a few feet away from your best friends is one of the coolest things ever.

  • Need to cry? Your big is next door with a shoulder to cry on. Need a Netflix binge watching partner? Your best friend is down the hall also still awake at 2:30 am. Bad dream? Your roommate will welcome you with open arms for a cuddle session. Need a night out? Your girlfriends are down to head to the nearest fraternity in new balances and an extra large T-shirt (because let’s be honest, who really tries after freshman year?) Your girls are all within a few feet and the best of memories are made inside that house.



If these walls could talk…

giphy (10).gif


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